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You know there is some truly awful art - be it photography, sculpture or most often, drawings - spread across the far reaches of the Internet. This is a showcase for the most  eyebrow raising, eyeball offending crap out there.

What this site isn't

This is not a hateful site, nor is it supposed to be mean-spirited or spiteful - we aren't ripping off other people's art for our own fame and glory. Everything is credited with a link to the artists page (even negative criticism is helpful criticism!).

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If you have a submission you would like to send in, feel free to email it to us at admin@anawfulart.com.  If you would rather send us hate mail, you can send it to the same address where it will be automatically sent to the "Internet Jerks" folder by the Google robots.

Blush by AbbyTLaRue


It’s been a long time, but this was worth posting.  I found this amazing picture that demonstrates true love is not only attainable for all of us normals, it can be achieved by the severely disabled as well.  Feast your eyes on this couple, lovingly moulding their malformed disgusting pudding faces into one big festering fleshy sack of lost hope.

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Doctor What?


This masterpiece was sent in to us by a fan.  I’m not a Doctor Who follower but I have definitely seen a few of the different doctors and couldn’t figure out which one this was supposed to be. I googled “The Eleventh Doctor” and discovered that this is supposed to be a picture of Matt Smith.  Welp.


Is it a Sombrero? Or is it a UFO? After writing the title it occurred to me I may have made a horrible mistake. This woman might not have a deflating head, she my instead be some kind of alien about to beam up to the mother ship, where they will be able to converse with all forms of melty gooberish aliens.

Pencils must have a shitty existence. One end of them is used to spew forth all kinds of shitty art in the hands of your average ‘Artist’, while the other end is either being chewed on or shoved into an ear/nose to excavate/scratch an itch.

Thanks random Facebook donator – this image has not been credited to protect the career of the ‘Tattoo Artist in Training’ it belongs to.

You have been warned.

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The Homestuck community lovingly embrace all manner of shitful fan art, so it takes real skill to actively surpass the average notion of ‘shitty art’. Thanks for nothing, gallowscupid.

Good Ideas:

  •  Curing Cancer
  •  Helping Old Ladies Across the Street
  •  Not petting a burning dog

Bad Ideas:

  •  Actively Seeking a way to contract Aids
  •  Farting in Elevators
  •  Tattooing baby cartoon ponies to the side of your shaved head


Is there nothing that they won't put their furry little hands on?

Furries.  As you probably have guessed, I don’t like them.  It’s not through a lack of understanding before you go getting on that bandwagon, and accusing me of being ignorant.  I just think it’s wrong.  This art is no different.  It seems that rule 34 of the Internet (and all its sub-rules) really is true.  “There is always furry art of it.  If none is found, it will be made.”

This, however is a bizarre combination of loveable Disney characters with the unique hand of some furry drawing them as animals.  Big shout out to http://amazinglybadfanart.tumblr.com for grabbing a collection of these and making my job just that little bit easier.  Check out after the jump to see some more of these bizarre and unusual drawings.

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This image is not suitable for viewing at work, around small children, or at all:   I'm a grown-ass man, show me this abomination.

We are lovers of all cultures here at AAA. All colours, creeds and countries. Here is an eastern piece rich with …penis. I can’t even break it down, it isn’t made up of lesser strange parts creating one bigger tapestry of weirdness – every part is it’s own reward. Why does it have human hands? Why does it have a triumphant tiger dong? If these things are native to China (Japan?) I am never going there. Seeing them cock their leg to take a whizz would frighten me half to death.

Oh god I just realised it’s surrounded by butts.

With the presidential race beginning to gain some momentum in the US, I thought it might be high time to post a topical and relevant picture.

Unfortunately, I could only find this one.

I seem to have got myself stuck in a blender.

It really does ask “What is going on here”  I’m sure that the hands are supposed to be symbolic of something, but I can’t tell what it is for the life of me.

Source: http://badpaintingsofbarackobama.com/, where every time you refresh you get a different image!



People fucking love them. Even if the last funny or interesting part of a bandwagon is long gone on the last train from the hilarity-ville, some poor misguided fucker will try and jump onto it. Meet Swindle, the 23786th ‘Ask-A-Pony’ related  Tumblr. Even though dozens of other people have not only done it first, but have done it a great deal better, Swindle’s human side feels it necessary to continue pissing into the ocean of piss with his own asparagus-scented brand of pony whizz. I guess it’s fun beating a dead horse (pony?).

I can’t follow any semblance of a story, I am too distraught with the fact that I was being subjected to the scribblings of a 4 year old on the background of someone who just discovered the preset brush gallery of Adobe Illustrator.

Some award winning dialogue right here.

It’s awful, In every way. It’s sublime in its horrific being. Its existence, for the most part, is an insult to my eyes. If you are a fan of the fevered scratchings of someone with no idea what comedy is and perhaps a hater of your own eyeballs, get amongst it here: http://askmisterswindle.tumblr.com/

Also, if you like people using the word ‘Dame’.


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Happy Birthday Grandma by ObbyGotchi990

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