Let’s keep this brief. I am sure this image has been seen by everyone with eyes, but just in case you missed it – Here it is. Captain America, lovingly rendered by professional comic book artist Rob Liefeld. At first glance, you see the majestic stance of a man who punched Nazi’s and protected the All-American way – but upon closer inspection you see a creature with a swollen chest, and some anatomy ravaging illness.

Does your morbid curiosity demand more? Take a look after the jump for just how deep the anatomically incorrect rabbit hole goes!

Using advanced comic-book technology we managed to have a look at whats behind the shield, the clothes, and the flesh.

Apart from the horror of having Rob Liefelds face super imposed over his woefully small junk, Cap’ aint looking so good.

I mean, we’re dealing with what looks like a flesh-coloured sack of official meat products. We have a couple of Christmas hams hidden in the bicep region,  some entire pork flanks around the pectorals…some porterhouse steaks hidden in the abs? Generally it looks that if you plunged a knife into the star-spangled man, it would be like stabbing a rubber balloon full of play-dough.

So basically, stabbing Stretch Armstrong.


And remember, Rob Liefeld is a PROFESSIONAL – who probably makes more money than you. Peachy!

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The cock shaped fruit, Penus nucifera, is a member of the family Arecaceae (hairy palm family). It is the only accepted species in the genus. Found across much of the tropic and subtropic area, the cock shaped fruit is known for its great versatility as seen in the many domestic, commercial, and industrial uses of its different parts. He also farts in jars.

3 Responses to Feature: Captain America! (By Rob Liefeld)

  1. Smartmonkey693 says:

    the dimensions make him look like the cyropractor has bent Cap the wrong way

  2. thepete says:

    The skeletal shot isn’t accurate–the lower torso needs to be twisted more. If you look at the original you can see that from this angle you can see all of his abs, the lower left portion of his rib cage (*his* lower left) and the whole of the white star, as well. How can we see all this while he’s standing sideways? Hell, how did Marvel even accept this piece what with the white star being visibly off-center??? I remember thinking how absurd it looked when I first saw it back in the 90s, but if you take more than 30 seconds you can see it’s completely impossible. Imagine looking at this Cap from the other direction. The distance between his left shoulder blade and his left pec muscle would be HUGE.

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